Piles Care Kit

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This kit is made from a mixture of Ayurvedic medicines, which is very useful in piles, bloody piles and very helpful in destroying all the diseases related to piles. It is produced from the best and high quality medicines, as a result of which its result remains 100%. Generally it is very difficult to treat patients with piles problem. Keeping all the above things in mind we have designed this special kit with followings medicines: 1.     PILEOMIT POWDER: Helps in curing piles, bleeding piles, hemorrhoids and other related disorders from root.     How to use: In the morning on an empty stomach and after defecation, take half teaspoon/3 gram powder with water. 2.    MORNING FRESH CHURNA: Helps in treating and removing old constipation, chronic constipation, gas, other stomach related disorders from root. It also helps in easy bowel movement. It acts as a herbal laxative.     How to use: Take 1 teaspoon/5 gram powder mixed with lukewarm water before sleeping at night. 3.     PILES CARE CREAM: helps in treating piles and any other infectious skin diseases.     How to use: Apply on the place of piles in twice a day with clean finger. If the cream is too thick, add 1-2 drops of olive or groundnut oil and use. AVOIDANCE: Patients should avoid the use of following items when they are consuming Piles Care Kit. The following items are: Spicy Food, Meat, Fish, Egg, Alcohol, Tobacco and related products, Cigarettes. The patient should avoid the above items for the better results of the kit.

Note: The total duration of Medicine is 7 days. If the patient is not feeling 100% recovered then a single course can be repeated immediately for the better and satisfactory results and get freedom from this serious and painful disease.