Wom Pro (15 ML)

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Product Description

Features of Wom Pro (15 ML)

  • Wom Pro is an Ayurvedic Proprietary medicine based on pure Ayurvedic science that helps to fight problems related to pituitary gland with act as a ‘Master Gland’. It controls the hormonal imbalance which is caused due to the problem in pituitary gland. This is a very innovative and unique product in the world based on research. It controls all the problems which occur due to hormonal disorders like joint pain, weight gain/loss, memory loss, piles, vision problem, liver, etc. Wom Pro is also an exclusive product for women related problems like menopause, pregnancy issues, and bacterial infections, irregularity in menstruation.

  • Benefits:
    • First ever product in the history with so many benefit to keep the body healthy.
    • Amazing rescue to the problems of pituitary gland.
    • Exclusive product for women related problems.
    • Controls hormonal disorder in the body.
    • Special technique that helps in fighting joint pain, liver problem, diabetes etc.
    • Main function is to ease the effects of pituitary tumour. 

  • Key Ingredients:
    • Sesamum Indicum  (Til  Oil)
    • Cow Ghee
    • Hemidesmus Indicus molecule  (Anantmool)
    • Curcuma Longa molecule( (haldi)
    • Sida cordifolia molecule( (Bala)
    • Sodii chloridum (Saindhav) 
    • Brassica Nigra

  • How to use: Apply 1-2 drops in each nostril in morning & evening.